On-Site Podiatrist

On-Site Podiatrist

What’s so important about feet?

We don’t tend to think about them too often unless of course there’s a problem, but any foot pain or issue can be a warning sign of even more serious concerns. That’s why at MediLodge of Frankenmuth, we have our prefered and professional podiatrist who examines all our residents regularly. Our goal is always to prevent unchecked signs that can indicate other conditions.

A licensed podiatrist performs exams as needed to assess the overall health of the residents’ feet. He or she will identify potential problems. When necessary, he or she will treat the condition or coordinate care with the attending physician.

Circulation issues due to diabetes are common in seniors. When diabetic shoes are recommended, the primary care physician is contacted for insurance authorization. Once approved, the podiatrist will measure the foot/feet. He or she will then deliver the shoes and inserts and check for a proper fit.

What Is PAD?

MediLodge of Frankenmuth’s in-house podiatry services are collaborating with our nursing and care staff to help spread awareness. A relatively unknown condition, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), affects more than 1 in 10 people over the age of 65.

We provide content and forums for residents, family members, and staff. Our goal is to bring attention to this silent but deadly disease that restricts blood flow in particular to the lower limbs. Symptoms of PAD are often ignored, masked, or assumed to be caused by the normal aging process. Because of this, nearly 50% of people with PAD remain untreated.

Who Is At Risk For PAD?

PAD affects at least 12 million people in the US

What Services Do Our On-Site Podiatrists Provide?

Like all of the care staff at MediLodge of Frankenmuth, our on-site podiatry team believes in quality services served with the warmth of proper care.

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